Interview is a Test of Personality, Attitude and Self-Confidence.


Interview is a crucial bridge which has to be crossed by the aspirants to secure his/her dream job. The aspirant’s personality and oratory skills are tested in the last phase of the examinations. Through our mock interview program, the students are interviewed by a panel of specialized and experienced personnel, comprising retired and serving Civil Servants, Defence personnel, Academicians and Psychologists. This is a comprehensive program wherein complete guidance is provided to the aspirants. Mock interview provides ample opportunities to the aspirants to understand their personality and learn to overcome the pressure and mental stress. Individual feedbacks and suggestions by our expert team, guide the aspirants through the final phase of the examination.


Personality Development workshops are given to the aspirants by experienced trainers and consultants. The persona and confidence of an individual is required to tackle unexpected situations that they will face in their career as Civil Servants. Spontaneity, while answering, is tested in vivid areas related to an aspirant's profile. The test here is not of knowledge ability but of confidence and spontaneity of the aspirant. Our mocks focus on minute traits of the personality of our students and seek to develop them through the above stated procedure.


The Interview Panel consists of retired as well as serving Civil Servants, Academicians, Defence personnel, Psychologists and subject experts. They analyse crucial details defining persona of an individual and hand it down to them after sessions are over. Do’s and Don'ts are conveyed to them and in the next mock, improvement is expected and overseen. Our Panellists have huge experience in conducting interviews and their experience helps our candidates through this program.


Shortcoming and strong areas both, are shared with the candidates individually. Panellists also give them suggestions about required improvements. This personal interaction helps candidates in clearing their doubts regarding the interview process.


The interview sessions are recorded in audio visual format and are made available to interviewee. A digital library of interview sessions is maintained for future references. A visual of one's performance is very important for interviewees to assist them in overcoming his/her shortcomings. Once an interviewee develops the ability to correct himself/herself, the stage is clear for him/her to excel in the Interview